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#ifndef BILL_H
#define BILL_H

/* Bill's states */
#define BILL_STATE_IN 1
#define BILL_STATE_AT 2
#define BILL_STATE_OUT 3

/* Offsets from upper right of computer */
#define BILL_OFFSET_X 20
#define BILL_OFFSET_Y 3

00015 struct Bill {
      int state;        /* what is it doing? */
      int index;        /* index of animation frame */
      Picture **cels;         /* array of animation frames */
      int x, y;         /* location */
      int target_x;           /* target x position */
      int target_y;           /* target y position */
      int target_c;           /* target computer */
      int cargo;        /* which OS carried */
      int x_offset;           /* accounts for width differences */
      int y_offset;           /* 'bounce' factor for OS carried */
      int sx, sy;       /* used for drawing extra OS during switch */
      Bill *prev, *next;

void Bill_enter(Bill **billp);
void Bill_draw(Bill *bill);
void Bill_update(Bill *bill);
void Bill_set_dying(Bill *bill);
int Bill_clicked(Bill *bill, int locx, int locy);
int Bill_clickedstray(Bill *bill, int locx, int locy);
void Bill_load_pix(void);
int Bill_width(void);
int Bill_height(void);
int Bill_get_state(Bill *bill);


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